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International Studies is a broad and interdsciplinary field of study that educates students to appreciate the social, cultural, political and economic characteristics of national, regional and global communities. The International Studies Program at The College of New Jersey encourages exploration of interconnected nature of our rapidly globalizing world, and the effects of all forms of policy on the global constituency. 

 It is based on the conviction that historically informed and politically aware students with knowledge of a language other than their own will think more critically and act more responsibly in a shrinking world.

The major is overseen by faculty from the History, Modern Languages, and Political Science departments in TCNJ’s School of Culture and Society and from the School of Business. Students will take introductory courses which count toward General Education requirements and, working with an advisor, will choose a major concentration from among four geographic areas [Europe,Latin AmericaEast Asia, the Middle East] and two functional subjects [DiplomacyInternational Economics and Trade]. Study abroad is required, and students are also encouraged to pursue an internship with an international focus. 

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